Cardiovascular Equipment (20 pieces and adding)

6 Star Trac Treadmills

7 Eliptical Trainers (5 Precors, 1 Life Fitness, 1 Reebok) 

3 Stairmaster Stairsteppers (including a Stepmill)

3 Recumbent Bikes (2 recumbant and 1 upright)

Hand Ergometer (for mobility challenged clients)

Selectorize Weight Resistance Machines (30 pieces and adding)


Nautilus (Abdominal, Rotary Torso, Super Pullover, Abduction/Adduction, Dual Chest, Lateral Raise, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Compound Row, Bench Press, Leg Press, Calve)

Body Master (Abdominal Crunch, Abdominal 220, Glute Trainer, Standing Leg Curl)

Cybex (Assisted Dip/Chin, Smith Machine, 45 Degree Calve Press)

Maxicam (Preacher Curl, Low Back, Shoulder Press, Lat Pull)

Life Fitness (Lat Pull, High/Low Cable, Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt, Multi-Hip)

Universal (Power Squat/Calve, Leg Curl)

Hammer Strength (Seated Leg Curl)

Muscle Max (Horizontal Leg Press)

Paramount (Seated Calve)

Free Weights


2 Olympic Flat Benches

2 Olympic Incline Benches

Decline Bench

Military Bench

Squat Rack

Body Master Leg Press

Icarian Hack Squat

2 Smith Machines

Over 1,000 Lbs. of Olympic Plates

Dumbbells 2-110lbs.