Equipment For Sale (Commercial Quality)

Affordable Fitness sells to the public remanufactured commercial exercise equipment at a fraction of its original cost. All equipment comes with a 90 day repair & service warranty. Stock is limited. Stop by our facility in Makaha for a free workout and to test drive any piece of equipment.

Compare prices on the web. We are much lower and you avoid shipping costs to the Islands. Here are some sites:

Lifestep 9500HR $250 (90-day repair & service warranty)

StairMaster 4400CL $300 (90-day repair & service warranty)

Tuff Stuff Adjustable Bench with Preacher Attachment $75

Lat Pulldown -ONLY- $200 (seated row not included)

Rubberized Flooring 332 Total Square Feet ($2.50 square foot)

Nautilus Seated Leg Curl $150

Universal Leg Curl $150

Dumbbell Rack (Dumbbells Not Included) $100


Dink 8-10 8oz. glasses of water per day, 80% of our body is comprised of water

Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day

Don't skip breakfast (this should be your biggest meal)

Eat at least 3 -5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

Include 30-45 minutes of vigorous activity everyday

Perform weight resitance training a minimum of 3 days per week

Flexibilty training should be incorporated into your daily routine (the best time to stretch is after a shower or after a warm up before exercise)

Make fitness a part of your life